Knitting and travel are two

Of my favourite things

With both I have learned,

To take what they bring


They can be great but

Despite how you’ve planned

They both can be fickle,

Your planning be damned


At all times in my purse

Is a project or two:

A dishcloth and sock

But that’s nothing new


Whenever I travel

Knitting passes the time

It helps me relax,

And focus the mind.


So thinking those thoughts,

I began to knit

Meetings were done;

It was the end of the trip


There was a bump or two

As we sailed through the skies

And my stomach felt queasy

So I just closed my eyes


And let my knitting fall

From its perch on my lap

I was sure it’d be fine

While I took a quick nap


My fallacy was discovered

Earlier today

When I wanted to knit

But what could I say?


Heat and acrylic

Don’t seem to mix

And while additional warmth

May be a fix


I’m not sure I’m ready

To play with open flame

And really would they be

Exactly the same?


And so it would seem

Another lesson for the book:

When you’re trying to knit,

You need a needle, not a hook.

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