Afterthought Heel 2.0

Over the past year or so, I’ve been using an afterthought heel a lot, especially when knitting with yarns with long colour changes (Knit Picks Felici for example). I’m a bit a lot anal about socks that match and I like that the afterthought heel doesn’t disrupt the colour sequence.


One of the things I don’t like about it is picking up the stitches from the waste yarn. I find it challenging to manipulate the second row of needles with the first ones already picked up; the sock becomes decidedly inflexible. It’s doable, I just tend to avoid it, which is why I ended up with 4 pair of socks waiting for heels in the week leading up to Christmas.




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On a New “Anne”

Last week YTV aired a new rendition of Anne of Green Gables.  I say a new rendition because a Google search will tell you there has been around 15 versions of the classic novel made into television or movie productions.


I was fully prepared to not like it. For me, the Sullivan Entertainment version will always be THE version of Anne. Perhaps it was because I was in my early teens when it first aired. It would have been around the time we first had cable; I can’t remember if we actually had cable by then. Regardless, the airing was an event on our either 3 or 13 channels. I watched when it aired on both CBC and PBS. Much as Michael Keaton will always be Batman to me, those actors came to epitomize the characters in my mind, so when I watched “Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables” there was a part of me that was ready to nitpick everything about it.

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I Can See Clearly Now

While there are definitely differences between the Canada and United States, in my mind they are more quirks versus a noticeable culture shock. Certainly not what you’d expect to experience if visiting somewhere like Saudi Arabia or China.  Quirks like finding Aero bars in the International Food aisle. Or asking where the “washroom” was at a gas station and spending an agonizing (for my bladder)  5 minutes trying to explain I what I was looking for. (I really didn’t know that was a Canadian thing.)


I seem to have stumbled into another of those quirks in my first 24 hours in the United States. I realized en route that I forgot to pack my contact lenses. The ones I use you wear for 30 days then throw out.  I’m not sure when I’m due to replace them, but I didn’t change them in the past week and I’m here for three, so I’m thinking they’ll start to bug me at some point. My prescription hasn’t changed in years so I figured I’d just go online and have a box shipped to me.  Easy-peasy, right?

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As a Woman of Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. I know this because I was tagged in a tweet to celebrate it. While I thought it was cool, I was also a bit confused.



If you know me, you know a scientist I am not.  Science is not something I would say is in my skill set. However, I understand the link.  Science is a part of my job now; yesterday I spent the better part of the morning on calls that were essentially about fish biology and stock assessments. This is normally where I make a smart alec-y comment about it being as fascinating as it sounds, but the truth is, sometimes it is interesting, even for us non-science folks. (Did you know that since the groundfish collapse that groundfish species are not growing as large as they did in the 1980s, even at the same age? Or that lobster will only produce eggs in a very narrow water temperature window?)

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A Measure of a Saturday

My knitting projects often remind me of the time during which they were knit; they are a measure of where I was and what was happening.  This weekend is a good example of that.


On Saturday when I left on the ferry I threw my just started second sock for my nephew’s Christmas gift (I’m so trying to do better this year) in my purse. We were off to his fourth birthday party: my mother, my sister, and I with 6 kids between 4-8. Living on the island, this was set to be a 12 hour adventure. Realistically, knitting time was going to be at a minimum with this crew, but once we got to my sister’s, the kids went outside to play; the adults had coffee and I started picking away at the ribbing.


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My Socks Have a Dual Personality

Once I’m done the hub bub of Christmas knitting I generally try to knit myself a pair of socks in January. The first of the month I cast on my socks from the Tosh Sock yarn I purchased at Knit East.

I finished the first sock around mid-month. I loved the vibrant colours; it reminded me of sprinkles on a cake (especially when applied by a small child):


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