Once I’m done the hub bub of Christmas knitting I generally try to knit myself a pair of socks in January. The first of the month I cast on my socks from the Tosh Sock yarn I purchased at Knit East.

I finished the first sock around mid-month. I loved the vibrant colours; it reminded me of sprinkles on a cake (especially when applied by a small child):


As I knit away on sock two, I couldn’t help but notice the yarn wasn’t quite as bright. I kept thinking it was a quirk in the dying, so I knit faster trying to find the bright colours but alas they never arrived:



Still, I like this paler version of the sock too. It’s just that it’s very different from the first:


It’s hard to believe it’s from the same skein. One is like a tripped out New Year’s Eve celebration; the other is a quiet night with a good book.  Both have their good points, and both have their drawbacks.

Given my anal obsession with matching stripes when I’m knitting socks, these are stretching the edge of my “same enough” meter.  Still when you put them on, there is still nothing like a pair of hand knit socks.


Even if they do appear to have different personalities.

12 replies on “My Socks Have a Dual Personality

  1. I’ve knit fraternal twin socks like this before, and I like mismatched socks anyway, but I always find it kind of fun when they turn out completely different from the same yarn. I agree that whatever you think about them, once you get a pair of handknit socks on, everything else just kind of melts away.

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  2. I think they look great! Kind of like cupcakes where you put the sprinkles in the batter, sometimes one of the cupcakes gets less sprinkles that the other. Weird how the dye came out, but I’m not a match stripes knitter on socks.. mitts are another story!

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    1. LOL – I’m definitely a matchy person; my nieces are into mis-matched and it hurts me a little to deliberately not match their mittens. I’ve taken to knitting solid colours and they can trade if they don’t want to match. 😜


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