My knitting projects often remind me of the time during which they were knit; they are a measure of where I was and what was happening.  This weekend is a good example of that.


On Saturday when I left on the ferry I threw my just started second sock for my nephew’s Christmas gift (I’m so trying to do better this year) in my purse. We were off to his fourth birthday party: my mother, my sister, and I with 6 kids between 4-8. Living on the island, this was set to be a 12 hour adventure. Realistically, knitting time was going to be at a minimum with this crew, but once we got to my sister’s, the kids went outside to play; the adults had coffee and I started picking away at the ribbing.


Then as the party was wrapping up our cell phones went off with a text notification – the next ferry crossing (the one we were planning to take) was cancelled for maintenance. The last and only remaining crossing of the day left 4 hours later at 9:00 pm, arriving on the island at 10:30.


6 kids; now 16 hours travelling.


We sent the kids back outside to play.


I kept knitting.


And so by the time I got home, I had a good start on my nephew’s second sock, knit at his longest-ever birthday party.



PS – the kids were troopers, though there were very bloodshot tired eyes all around. We adults didn’t melt down too much either. 😉

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