While there are definitely differences between the Canada and United States, in my mind they are more quirks versus a noticeable culture shock. Certainly not what you’d expect to experience if visiting somewhere like Saudi Arabia or China.  Quirks like finding Aero bars in the International Food aisle. Or asking where the “washroom” was at a gas station and spending an agonizing (for my bladder)  5 minutes trying to explain I what I was looking for. (I really didn’t know that was a Canadian thing.)


I seem to have stumbled into another of those quirks in my first 24 hours in the United States. I realized en route that I forgot to pack my contact lenses. The ones I use you wear for 30 days then throw out.  I’m not sure when I’m due to replace them, but I didn’t change them in the past week and I’m here for three, so I’m thinking they’ll start to bug me at some point. My prescription hasn’t changed in years so I figured I’d just go online and have a box shipped to me.  Easy-peasy, right?


Apparently, not so much. At home, I’ve ordered from Clearly Contacts for years. I enter the information off the end of the box and a credit card and a package arrives at my door in generally less than a week. My first box of contacts came from my optometrist, the rest I’ve bought online. In the US, you need a copy of your prescription to order contacts, even if you know the size/strength you need. I don’t think I’ve had a copy of my prescription in years.


I was curious about the reasoning though; I understand the need for prescriptions to receive drugs, but contacts? I did read an explanation that the wrong contacts could cause eye problems, but that still made me wonder if we have a rash of eye problems in Canada relating to improper contact lenses usage? My eyes bother if I have leave my contacts in too long, or they get a tear, or I lose one in my eye (that one really sucks). I can’t imagine ordering let along attempting to wear the wrong lenses.


Meanwhile, I called my Mum and she’s bring them with her next weekend. From my stockpile ordered online.


3 replies on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Everything is more complicated here!! And if things keep going the way they are I will be checking out your little island as a possible relocation option 🙂 As for “washroom” that guy was just an idiot! I say it all the time!

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