When I left for vacation in February, I threw in a pair of socks I had started in 2013. I had knit the heel on the first sock and there they have sat since. I decided that they at least deserved to be finished and I’d have a pair to throw in the gift bag. I finished sewing in the ends a couple weeks after getting back, but they are finally done.

Socks: Patons Kroy in Cadet Colors on 2.5 mm needles.

Around the same time, I finished “Yarned and Dangerous” by Sadie Hartwell. It was a cute mystery set in a yarn shop. Not too heavy, but a fun read. I was sometimes confused by the number of characters, but that was likely more to do with the fact it was my “before bed” reading than anything else. I did guess the killer before the end, but it was still fun to see how everything came together.

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4 replies on “Yarned and Dangerous

    1. LOL – I know what you mean. It really could have just been me; reading for the 10-15 minutes before falling asleep is not my most alert time. 😀💤


  1. That’s such a fun premise for a book – I don’t read a lot of knitting themed books but I think I’m going to have to start! Cute socks as well. They’re going to make someone really happy!

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  2. I have that same issue with a number of knitting fiction books I read – they seem to think there needs to be an unlimited number of people in the knit group or whatever it is. So strange but I’ll check this one out!

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