Last week I made an overnight trip to Ottawa and stayed at the Alt Hotel in Ottawa. The chain recently opened a hotel in the Halifax airport, so I’ve seen the sign a number of times, but had never stayed in one of the hotels. The website describes the chain as “no-frills chic” which I would totally agree with.

The Ottawa location was the seventh Alt hotel opened by the Canadian chain. It was an affordable hotel for downtown and featured three of my “most-desired” options in a hotel: free wifi, accessible plug-ins, and a Keurig. While the glass wall of the shower was a little odd, the room was very comfortable. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. With lots of seating in the lobby, I was quite fascinated by stool made of  wooden dowels. I was a little leery of sitting on it, but it was surprisingly sturdy and comfortable.


All in all, a great experience and a chain I’d definitely check into again. 🙂

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