Every 6 years I find myself amused when Bonnie comes up on the list of hurricane names.  This year I particularly enjoyed the tweets that sounds more like they are about a person than a storm:

(I would consider myself an meanderer)

(or a limper)

(at least I finally got somewhere…)

Being “post-tropical” reminds me of Mother Nature’s line in “The Santa Clause 2”:

“Don’t mess with me Santa, I’m pre-El Nino”



Of course, these are only funny because it wasn’t a major storm.  I’ll likely be similarly amused in another few years.

One thought on “I’m Feeling a Bit Post-Tropical

  1. I keep thinking of the women named Katrina. This one was such a disaster that it must be hard to be associated with it, when you yourself asked for nothing. I wonder where this strange custom comes from – a way to humanize storms? They could have numbers or codes, but I guess it is easier to refer to a name. At least yours wasn’t too bad.

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