Charlie loves to be outside so I have a long line where he can run without me worrying he’ll wander off. Most of the time he’s content to destroy play with toys or sticks or exploring around. However, I do seem to be summoned on a somewhat regular basis to free him from the tree at one end of the line or the doorstep at the other.  The tree is easy: he walks around one way and can’t figure out to turn around and go back.  However, I’m usually perplexed at just how he gets himself as tangled as he does around the doorstep.  Take yesterday for instance:



At first glance, he appears to be watching the water waiting patiently to be freed (note the rope going behind the back rail and up through the front).


However, on closer inspection:


That’s right, he’s wrapped himself around the post.  How exactly could he go around the outside of the post and back in through with that little line? It’s about 3 feet of the ground.


A couple hours after letting him loose there’s another bark and I discover this:



He’s a smooth mover on that line.


** His collar is loose enough that he can haul his head out if he wants when the rope is caught. There is minimal danger of him choking from the rope. The danger of me choking him varies from day to day. 😛

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