Obedience classes are held at our local rink now that the ice is out.  It’s a great spot with lots of room for the dogs to spread out.


At last week’s class Charlie eagerly jumped out of the back of the car as soon as I opened the door. I didn’t manage to grab his leash on the way by, so I trotted after him thinking I’d grab him at the door. Then I looked up and realized it was propped open. Moving a bit faster, I figured I’d grab him at the inside door. Unfortunately, it was also propped open. (Which makes sense on a warm night, but didn’t really help with my escapee). As I stumbled through the door frantically thinking, “I’ll grab him at the boards” I saw the end of his leash disappear through the opening. While part of me wanted to turn around and pretend I had never seen that black beast before, I resignedly walked into the rink and disentangled him from his attempts to find a dog to escape and play with. (I can’t imagine why I think obedience school is a good idea).

This week I was determined it would be different.  I would arrive early (which I did but was still the last one there). I walked Charlie before class (even though it rained and was soaked when we were done) so he’d be a bit tired and less rambunctious.  I carefully reached one arm into the back seat and grabbed his leash before I let him out.  We walked in a somewhat orderly fashion to our chair (he’s still SO EXCITED to be there). He heeled like he knew what he was doing. He lost interest by the end and was off on his sitting, but overall he did great.  We were walking out the door; I was pleased with how well it went.


I let my guard down, and he made a lunge to play with another dog:



And so, we exited obedience class this week with me towing him to the car by his collar.


We’re halfway through the classes; I’d like to think we’d manage to attend one start to finish with both of us maintaining a bit of our dignity…

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