Looking back, I know exactly when my obsession with hoarding stashing yarn began. It started in a local craft store, now closed, when I started knitting again twelve years ago. My sister was pregnant with my first niece, and I decided as a good aunt I should knit her a baby blanket. I went to the store bought a pattern book and some yarn and was hooked, on both knitting and the yarn.


The yarn was Patons Melody, 100% acrylic yarn that is so soft and squishy it is perfect for baby blankets. The fact it’s a boucle yarn did not make it ideal for a first project. Nevertheless, a blanket was produced and as Patons started changing colours in the line (or I saw a sale) I started “stocking up” so I’d have some on hand.  After all, there are always babies being born.


Over the years, my tastes for what I wanted to knit changed but I’d dip into my stash and produce a baby blanket from Patons Melody as each niece or nephew arrived. These blankets have been used and abused but still are hanging around. Patons Melody, however, isn’t.  The yarn was discontinued a few years ago when I wasn’t paying attention.* So when my newest niece arrived in January I went searching anxiously through my stash and discovered:




Just enough left for one last blanket in little girl appropriate colours.


* I just discovered there are a couple of opportunities on Ravelry to purchase enough for a baby blanket.  I thinking of replenishing a bit of the stash. 😉

3 replies on “And So It Began…

  1. Yarn: it’s what we collect. Other people collect matchbook covers or souvenir spoons, we collect yarn. Besides, you never know when you will need that certain color, or, in your case, when they discontinue a specific yarn you want to use. 🙂

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