A year with Charlie

A year ago I brought home a little black fuzz ball. Almost immediately I realized he was going to be different than my last lazy-since-he-was-a-puppy dog.


There were destroyed shoes:


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What happened to “service”?

I’ve discovered as I’ve aged that my tolerance for some things becomes less and less. I have this crazy, idealogical concept that government and the public service is actually about, well, serving the public, so it’s no surprise that the National Online Licensing System can generally make me rant like an angry monkey. Let’s just say the DFO’s explanation of their service standards yesterday was one of those things:



We often hear from clients who are wondering how long it takes for licensing to process a request, from the time we receive it to completion. The following information will provide you with DFO Licensing service delivery standards. Below are most of the services that licensing provides online with an approximate time for that service to be completed. This should provide guidance for your clients so they can plan ahead. Please feel free to post it in your office for fishers to read.

2 Business Days:

– Request licence conditions – 2 business days (if conditions are ready when requested)
– E-mail/voicemail inquiries – 2 business days (advice, licensing policy information)

*(Licensing does not accept requests for service by voicemail. Any voicemail requests for services that are available in NOLS receive a standard e-mailed response).

*(Licensing endeavours to respond within 2 business days; however, high volumes and staff shortages can contribute to a longer response time)

5 Business Days:

– Fisher Registration renewal
– Licence renewal
– Vessel Registration renewal
– Vessel Transfer
– Substitute operator (medical, vacation, etc.) 5 business days (30 days for medical over 5 years)
– Vessel Transfer
– Request licence conditions

30 Business Days:

– New fisher registration
– New vessel registration
– Licence re-issuance (licence transfers, combining)
– Stacking/partnership arrangements – 30 business days
– Applying for new licences (recreational, marine plants)
– Other Licensing Services not listed (requests for information, etc.)

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On The Road

July has inadvertently been filled with work travel with the bonus of the meetings being in places off the normal meeting track. Something I’ve not been good about (but am trying to do better) is taking some extra time for stops along the way.


A little over a week ago I was at a meeting at the Pictou Lodge. It had been about a decade since I’d been to the area with little free time on the last go through.  This time there were lots of stops on the way.


A broken air conditioner meant we were driving with the windows down and the scent from Seafoam Lavender Farm made us turn around and double back. It was a cute little shop; I’m anxious to try my treasures, particularly the pet spray (Charlie can be stinky).

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Seven Days

A couple of weeks my Facebook feed was abuzz about a mystery novel that was set on Grand Manan.  While it wouldn’t necessarily be a book I would choose to read, the idea of a book set on the island was too good to pass up.


I have to admit, I struggled to get into the book. Parts of the book (particularly the geography) are so bang on that the parts that aren’t are even more jarring. Some of the descriptions of the island residents, their values, and the fishery aggravated me because of some of the inaccuracies.  About a third of the way into the book, I began to accept that while the book was set on Grand Manan, it wasn’t set on “my” Grand Manan. I started to enjoy the parts that rang true and let slide those that didn’t. I even realized that one of the things that bothered me from the beginning was actually part of the resolution. 😀


Had the book not been set on the island, I likely wouldn’t have stuck it out to the finish, but by the end I was anxious to see “who done it”.  I guess in the end it “got me”.


Meanwhile, I’m in the midst of seven days of travel for work. There hasn’t been a lot of knitting time until today’s meeting, but I’m working on finishing some travel knitting that I’ve been carrying for a while, namely a sock and a dishcloth.


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