July has inadvertently been filled with work travel with the bonus of the meetings being in places off the normal meeting track. Something I’ve not been good about (but am trying to do better) is taking some extra time for stops along the way.


A little over a week ago I was at a meeting at the Pictou Lodge. It had been about a decade since I’d been to the area with little free time on the last go through.  This time there were lots of stops on the way.


A broken air conditioner meant we were driving with the windows down and the scent from Seafoam Lavender Farm made us turn around and double back. It was a cute little shop; I’m anxious to try my treasures, particularly the pet spray (Charlie can be stinky).


As part of our group tour, we stopped at Lismore Sheep Farm and Wool Shop. Touring with a group of mainly fishermen, it was not an anticipated stop, but they decided to humour me.




I picked up a few treasures there (and I wasn’t the only one shopping).


We made a pit stop at the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. I’m not really a beer drinker, but those in the crowd said it was good.




Finally, the Pictou Lodge was a great meeting location with a quaint cottage a beautiful views:




This is definitely one of the perks of my job. 🙂

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