A year ago I brought home a little black fuzz ball. Almost immediately I realized he was going to be different than my last lazy-since-he-was-a-puppy dog.


There were destroyed shoes:


Household items:






My Car:



My House:





In return I tortured him dressed him up:




And he did cute things:


He kept me company at home:


And at work:



All in all, it’s been a full, fun, and interesting year. Here’s hoping year 2 is just as great (but slightly less destructive). 🙂


*** I’m choosing not relive obedience classes.  I think that’s better for everyone.

5 replies on “A year with Charlie

    1. LOL – I have to admit there were a couple of times I had to remind myself to take a breath and that the puppy stage would eventually (hopefully) pass. He’s (mostly) a good dog. 😀


  1. Not long after we rescued our beagle, we had a basket that looked identical to “Household items”… And two windowsills, part of the kitchen door, and a floor tile. Once we found a loaf of bread stashed under the couch cushions. (Still not sure how she absconded with that.) Once she settled, she was the best friend anyone ever had. Six months of hell, then eight years of wonderful. Hold tight! He’s gorgeous, and it’s gonna be great.

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    1. LOL – thats hysterical! I can already see he’s settling down. The moments of destruction are more spaced out and he’s turning into a good dog. 😀


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