Twas the night before Christmas and here on my land
I was tearing my hair, strand by strand by strand


Different I said this year would be
I’d have time to sit and enjoy the tree


But alas you know what it is they say
When you’ve become so set in your ways:


You’ve got to flexible; learn to adapt.
I’ve often thought that was a load of crap


I was going to be ready; my knitting complete
This Christmas the kids would have warm “little” feet.


As the day fast approached I changed the plan
I don’t knit as fast as I think I can


Of the nine big kids, I’d finished eight
I’d much prefer they didn’t wait


Pair number ten was not nearly done,
But she’d never know; she’s not yet one.


Frantically I knit on pair number nine
Not willing to admit, I’d run out of time


I was just beginning to decrease for the toe
(The heel was also needed, just so you know)



Saturday night had turned into Christmas morn
When I admitted defeat; I was just too worn


I just couldn’t make a morning deadline
But by supper I presented a finished pair nine.


I continued to push to finish the last
And this would be part of Christmas past


I finished sock one visiting Christmas Eve
One final sock was all it did leave




Boxing Day morning by the light of the tree
I knit and drank my first cup of coffee


Alas that was where things went a wry
I so wanted to poke a needle in my eye


Too soon I started to decrease my rows
With not enough room for those cute little toes


Rip it all back and start the toe again
I knew I would finish someday, but when?


Second time through is really the charm
I should not have been quite so alarmed


Ten kids; twenty socks. It’s really done
This year before December thirty-one.


6 replies on “Ode to Christmas Knitting

  1. I have been patiently waiting for your Christmas blog update, so I could see the pic of the cute little socks you always make each…
    and lo and behold, you not only kept up with all the patterns, you kept up a great rhyme scheme, too!!! You are the best auntie! THIS auntie resorts to buying hand knit mitts for her nephew and niece, because she KNOWS the kids would be waiting years, not months for my projects to be complete!!
    Nice job, once again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great stuff Bonnie Heather. I too, look forward to and enjoy reading each one of your new blogs. I will stay tuned into the new year to hear what you have to say. BTW – Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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