Sunday night I cast on a sock before I had finished the first.  I told myself it was because I was traveling this week, but secretly I’d received new Knitter’s Pride Royale needles and was anxious to try them out. 

I had some interchangables I’d tried and really liked so I was anxious to try the double points. The first few rounds before  left home I was less than impressed. The yarn didn’t slide as easily as I liked. I almost hauled out my old faithful metal DPNs but decided I’d use them for a day meeting to at least give them a legitimate try.

I’m really glad I did. While not as slidy as my metal DPNs, they make up for it in their lighter weight without the bendy-ness of lighter metals.  So far I haven’t noticed a catch in the join between the wood and metal tips. I’m not sure they’ll move up to a “favourite” category (though they might by the end of the sock) but I’m definitely not switching back when I get home tonight.

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