I live under the delusion that sock and dishcloth yarn do not count as stash.  And while

let’s just say there does come a point where the line of ridiculous is a long ways in the rear view mirror.


To that end, I’m going to attempt to knit up some of my dishcloth yarn. Knit Picks is once again hosting 52 weeks of dishcloths patterns. While my delusions can be entertaining, I’m realistic enough to know I’m not going to knit a dishcloth every week.  I’m aiming for every other week so here’s hoping I’ll have 26 by year end. With that in mind on a snowy Sunday I cast on the very appropriate Snowflake Dishcloth. It looked complicated, but like most patterns made sense if you actually read the directions (one of my frequent issues in knitting).  Part way through I realized what my downfall would be though:


So many ends!


All those ends to weave in made my eye twitch so I studiously avoided it for almost two weeks. Watching a “Cars” marathon with my nephew this afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to finish it off.




I do love the finished project, but the ends were a bit of show stopper for me completing another one.


Since I only used about a third of a ball, I’m not sure how quickly this idea is going to eat into my stash…

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