Trading Regulations

I had a haircut while I was on vacation. It was a quiet day at the mall and 2 of the stylists were comparing notes on their apartments.  One had a ceiling fan with no light; the other was lamenting the lack of fan.  It reminded me of one of my favourites shows years ago- Trading Spaces.  If you never watched the show the premise was simple: two sets of neighbours redecorated a room in the other’s home with no input from the home owner on what was going on.  There were beautiful rooms and there were disasters, but a flash point continually was the removal of ceiling fans. I get that ceiling fans are not the prettiest thing, but homeowners obviously wanted them for their practicality.  Time after time they were removed by designers.


flash point in the fishing industry lately has new Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations that come into effect in July. Much like Trading Spaces, they are an update and replacement for the existing Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations. There were the expected inclusions (with plenty of advance consultation and input) that address the stability of vessels. We’ll call that the conversation the friends have before the show about what they did and didn’t want. There were also surprises that came regardless of the pleas of the luckless neighbours, like written safe operating procedures. We’ll call that what the designer has in mind, like hanging the furniture from the ceiling.


On Trading Spaces during the big reveal designers and neighbours delightedly (or reluctantly) pointed out the changes. With the regulations, it was like an unfortunate treasure hunt to spot the differences between what was discussed and consulted and what was included. No designer commentary included.

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I Hate All the Knitting

Ok, so maybe I don’t hate ALL the knitting, but mostly, yes I do hate it right now. My niece came in my knitting TV room and counted 15 balls of yarn I have with me.  I think it’s a fair assessment that I am annoyed with about half of them right now.


I brought yarn with me to start the Cascade Knitterati Afghan. I had purchased yarn for another afghan a couple of years ago and didn’t finish it. I thought this would be a great chance to repurpose the yarn.


Casting on tonight. #KnitterartiAfghan #Cascade220Superwash #KnittersOfInstagram

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