Ok, so maybe I don’t hate ALL the knitting, but mostly, yes I do hate it right now. My niece came in my knitting TV room and counted 15 balls of yarn I have with me.  I think it’s a fair assessment that I am annoyed with about half of them right now.


I brought yarn with me to start the Cascade Knitterati Afghan. I had purchased yarn for another afghan a couple of years ago and didn’t finish it. I thought this would be a great chance to repurpose the yarn.



I started knitting and realized I don’t like the brown.  More than that, there’s too little contrast between it and the green, particularly for a colour work square.




See what I mean.  I’ve already ripped the square back to take out the green/brown section. I’m now debating ordering a darker brown, which is starting to diminish the benefit of “I’ll use yarn I already have”. **sigh**.  I’ve pushed that to the far end of the couch.


So while I pondered an additional yarn purchase, I hauled out a scarf I brought to finish. It’s an easy 4 line pattern repeat. Easy enough to follow along…wrong:





See that nice switch from right side to wrong side? It’s at the end of the couch now too with the afghan til I work up the fortitude to rip it back.


I’d pick up a dishcloth but:




That’s right, I mucked up the twists in that. I have ripped it back but I’ve only made it worse:




I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I’d pick up my old standby socks but I’m a little afraid of what I’d do to the them.  I think I’ll have a nap and see what it looks like after. If nothing else maybe I’ll be ready to start something over. **sigh**

6 replies on “I Hate All the Knitting

  1. There are days when you are simply not meant to knit, so I think you’re wise to let your socks aside. I’ve had a few of these too, where everything I touched seemed to go wrong. It will get better…

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