I’ve been in a weird knitting funk lately. I’m not knitting as much; what I am knitting I’m not really finishing; and what I am finishing, well, it doesn’t rank high on the excitement scale (“oh look: another dishcloth”*).


I did manage to finish a cable hat recently. I love the look of cable hats but I’ve not knit that many of them. Evergreen Cap was an easy knit. I did have a bit of problem with maintaining the cables through the top decreases, but I think that’s more related to my completely misplaced faith in my ability to remember my place in the pattern without marking it than the pattern itself. (This also manifests in a belief that I don’t need a grocery list because I’ll remember everything I need when I’m at the store.)


Pattern:  Evergreen Cap

Yarn: Willow Daily Worsted in Cream Soda Heather

Needles: Knitter’s Pride Marblz Interchangeables and DPNs in  US 7



* I did finish another dishcloth a Spiral Columns from Knit Picks.  I made it 5 columns instead of 7 and despite my vacation rant, it really didn’t turn out that bad.



2 replies on “Evergreen Cap in Beige

  1. You know that you hold a person in high esteem when you read whatever they post. The mechanics of knitting absolutely escape me but the end result is admirable. I keep thinking … there has to be a sermon illustration here somewhere.

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