I have this love-hate relationship with knit toys. I love the end result, but they all seem to involve my least favourite part of knitting – sewing. For some reason I had this crazy idea that if I knit a toy as a flat square it would be more fun to assemble. Actually, it was more on the lines of: “a square is easy to knit. I’ll worry about the details later”. If I had a nickel every time I thought the last part of the that thought…


Anyway, I got to this stage:


…thought “WHAT was I thinking!” (again, if I had a nickel) and settled down with the instructions to figure it out.


The put together involved counting, and apparently also had some dependence on knitting the exact number of rows, not just knitting til it sort of looked like a square. As I got putting it together, I kept thinking:


“My that head looks small.”


I did the next couple of instructions, assuring myself it was one of those mysteries of the universe that would suddenly make sense when it was done.


It didn’t; the head still looks small.




No matter what angle:




He’s still kind of cute though:


Pattern: Dylan the Dachshund

Yarn: Bernat Cottontots

Final thoughts: I’m anxious to try another pattern from the book since I’m pretty sure it was my inability to count that created the problem. Regardless, if you think the head seems small, push your marker back a couple rows. Trust me…

4 replies on “The Saddest Weiner Dog Ever

  1. LMAO. That’s why I don’t knit toys. But as the proud owner of two wiener dogs, I have to say that it doesn’t look like MY wieners. It sort of reminds me of a naked mole rat. A really cute naked mole rat.

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  2. Triple LOL! Looks like a dog with an allergic reaction, you know, four times its normal volume. But I agree: it does look kind of cute. That pattern might work better for the birds though… Thank you, you made my day.

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