My love of visiting islands is no secret. While Big Tancook Island didn’t make my top 5 it has been on my radar for a few years as a place I’d like to visit.


I have a pretty clear definition of what makes an island an island. If you can drive there, your island status has pretty much been revoked in my mind. It’s the challenge of ferry service that sets island life apart from that of mainland destinations. The ferry to Tancook didn’t disappoint. I was fascinated by the loading/unloading process. No cars for visitors touring the island or for islanders heading to the mainland. Cargo is loaded into containers and hoisted on and off the ferry.



Before arriving on Big Tancook, the ferry stops at Little Tancook Island, just long enough to load and unload.


I’ve often mentioned that I love the ability to tour different areas as part of my job. One of the great benefits of this is you get to see a place from a local’s perspective. You see things (and understand them better) from someone who lives there. We loaded up on the back of a pick up truck and proceeded to tour the island. The island is beautiful with well kept homes and buildings and water views.


In addition to our driving tour we stopped at the tourist information building:



The Sea Myst Gallery and Gift Shop:


Wishing Stones Gallery (museum and store):




And…I bought Lucy Neatby yarn on Big Tancook Island; cool right?


All in all, a great trip to Big Tancook Island. Makes you sad to leave.


4 replies on “Trip to Tancook

  1. It is wonderful to see our Island recognized for it’s beauty and solitude, I am what “local” people refer to as “wash a shore” as I have only been here 5 years. I had a life threatening illness at the end of last year and beginning of this year (2017). I had to live in Halfax for several months receiving medical treatment. I honestly did not believe I would ever see home again. I am shedding tears as I write this but it is tears of joy at being able to say ” I am home”

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    1. Hi Dennis! I’m so glad you got to go home! I’m from Grand Manan and there’s something truly unique about islands and their people. The group I was with loved our visit; it’s a great spot. 😀


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