When I decided to knit this scarf, we were in the midst of a cold snap at the end of December. I “knew” that we could generally count on similar weather at some point in February, so the scarf would have a good variety of colour.




With the exception of a few days, February was unusually mild, with the temperature generally above -5 Celsius (light blue) and above freezing (white and green).


On a knitting note, I’m glad I decided to alternate between seed stitch and garter stitch each month. It makes each month stand out and I think will be a better gauge as the year winds on.

4 replies on “February Temperature Scarf

  1. Interesting – for us, here in France, it was the opposite. We had temperatures reaching -12 Celsius with the wind factor, totally unusual in this country – plus plenty of snow in areas not used to it, like the South of the country. Unexpected changes will make your scarf even more interesting to knit.

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