I’ve never considered myself an artist; in fact, I’m about the farthest thing from it. I don’t have a particular talent for drawing. I’m amazed and impressed by people who can. My university roommate was a Fine Arts student; it was truly awesome to see what she could create in a variety of mediums. Knitting classes I’ve taken have referred to attendees as fibre artists; it always made me feel like a bit of an imposter, like I need to explain that really, I’m not. So you can understand my surprise to find myself in a painting class this week while on vacation.To be honest, I went to be part of a the group while fully understanding that I was probably not going to be very good.


The class was to paint on glassware; we had our choice of what we wanted to paint. Stencils were available (likely for the kids, but it seemed like a way to end up with at least something recognizable) so I grabbed a sheep. I ended up drawing a ball of yarn on the other side (ok, so it’s a circle with lines, but still, it’s mostly recognizable). A lesson from the teacher had me creating sweaters on the second mug. They’re not perfect and a little smudgy but they do look like sweaters.



All in all, a very fun morning with some great souvenirs. It was a good reminder to that sometimes trying new things, even things you don’t think you’ll be good at, can turn out better than you thought.


I am a little afraid I’ll now find myself in the paint aisle of Michaels, one of the few aisles I don’t already linger overly long in.  🙂

2 replies on “When a Knitter Paints

  1. Well done! It looks like you had a fun time, and you now have tangible mementos of this moment in the form of lovely mugs perfect for knitters. Your striped sweaters are cute and stylish too.

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