Month: May 2018

Here Fishy Fishy

One of the things on my knitterly bucket list has been to try test knitting. The process of how patterns are developed intrigues me. Since I’m not designing my own patterns, this seemed like the next best thing. There are groups on Ravelry that link up pattern designers with people willing to test them. I’ve been lurking in the groups…

Stash Storage

For many years I’ve refrained from discussing the size of my yarn stash. It’s big, unwieldy, and well, my philosophy has always been:     Part of that denial was definitely related to my storage system, or lack there of. While I started valiantly with tote tubs, it quickly devolved into a chaotic jumble. Let’s just say this illustration rings…

Suddenly It’s Spring

April started off cold, which felt all the colder because it should have been spring. Then suddenly in the last 10 days of the month the weather turned. May can still have random weird weather (snow) but for now you can almost believe that spring is here.