For many years I’ve refrained from discussing the size of my yarn stash. It’s big, unwieldy, and well, my philosophy has always been:



Part of that denial was definitely related to my storage system, or lack there of. While I started valiantly with tote tubs, it quickly devolved into a chaotic jumble. Let’s just say this illustration rings particularly true, especially the last line.

Shopping bags and shipping boxes had become the default storage containers, which meant I didn’t know what I had and couldn’t find what I thought I did have. The point of having a stash is lost if you can’t use what you do have.


Clearly something had to change. I had visions of being discovered buried under an avalanche of yarn (which if you have to go would be a good way).


I’d been looking at the storage cubes from 31 Gifts for a while when they came on special in January. It seemed like the perfect time to make a resolution to improve the stash storage. I had an online party, and through the haze of flu-induced fever and associated drugs to combat other symptoms, I placed my order. Another weekend of sorting out what I ordered (there were some surprises in there) and voila: improved stash storage.


thirty one gifts storage cubes of yarn

thirty one gifts storage cubes of yarnthirty one gifts storage cubes of yarn

That little nook had been wasted space. The cubes fit in there perfectly with a little extra space to maneuver when needed. I thought I’d prefer the chalkboard squares, but I’m really liking the plastic fronts to be able to see what I have. It’s easier to believe I don’t need to visit the yarn aisle, store, or website when I have a clear picture of what I have (full disclosure: I still visit but I’m buying less). I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to see that I’ve managed to use some of the yarn that’s been hanging around a while. And even if I can’t, I now have a beautiful display of my yarn “collection”. 🙂

5 replies on “Stash Storage

  1. LOL! Great illustration, I can relate so much to that.
    Totally awesome yarn storage and yarn nook! That;s quite a stash you’ve got.
    I wrote about my stash problem a while back on my blog, and I confess I am still working on reducing it significantly, Blankets help, and I can foresee the moment when I will no longer have sweater quantities of any yarn ( 3 or 4 more sweaters and that should be it). I will be left with weird leftovers and single skeins. Which is not the easiest thing to use. I am not buying anything, mind you, so it does help. I have to stay away from yarn stores though (my will is not that strong).

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  2. I have a spreadsheet with all the yarns listed and quantified. That way I know at a glance if I have what I need for what I want to make. It still doesn’t stop me from buying when I am in an actual store. But it does help me find a suitable stash substitute when I find a pattern I want to make.


  3. I’m both shocked and impressed! It looks great!! I like how you mixed the prints instead of going uniform!


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