One of the things on my knitterly bucket list has been to try test knitting. The process of how patterns are developed intrigues me. Since I’m not designing my own patterns, this seemed like the next best thing. There are groups on Ravelry that link up pattern designers with people willing to test them. I’ve been lurking in the groups for a while, checking them out when I have segments of free time I could potentially knit a new project. I was looking for not only a project that intrigued me, but also one that would not be too time consuming. I didn’t want to commit to testing something and not be able to finish. Many of the completion dates (even for large projects) were within a week or two so lurking in the groups seemed to be my destiny.


A couple of weeks ago though, there was a post to test knit a washcloth. The size of the project was clearly within my capability. The completion date wasn’t until late in June (another bonus). And the cherry on top? It was a fish. 🙂


I loved being able to use my proof reading skills for knitting (who knew?) The pattern was really cute; I love how the “scales” turned out. It only used a small amount of each colour, so it was great for using up some scraps. It’s the first in a series so I’m anxious to see the others.


In the meantime, I’m back to lurking in the pattern tester groups.

4 replies on “Here Fishy Fishy

  1. What do you do as a tester Bonnie? Do you have to return a critique and a picture or correct mistakes in the pattern? Anyway … as I have said before, there’s nothing like a person with a passion for something, to raise interest in others. Great job!


    1. Basically you knit a pattern to see if there are any errors in the pattern. You can offer suggestions to make it easier to follow and usually there is a request for a “project page” on Ravelry with a photo.

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