Long ago I read a story about the ultimate knitter injury: something happens to your foot or leg that would require rest therefore resulting in maximized knitting time. Clearly nothing major, just enough of a hurt that would require a few days or a week or even two of inactivity to heal. I’ve secretly thought from time to time it would be nice: the ultimate excuse to sit and knit.


Last week it finally happened: I sprained my left ankle. My first issue with the above theory: IT REALLY HURT! I texted my sister for helpful advice and once I realized she wasn’t looking for supper when she said RICE but was telling me what to do (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and I managed to medicate the pain down, I settled in to enjoy my injury time.


Sadly, what my mother always said about me is true: I’m too nosy for my own good. I had a couple of commitments and work and well: I couldn’t not go to work the next day; my FOMO was in high gear. I packed my lunch and off I went. For the record the bag of veggies was not lunch


After a weekend on the couch, I was feeling much better even if my ankle was still puffy. I put on my only footwear that fit and off I went.


Still feeling better, I continued my travel schedule whether by ferry.

Or by air

I did invest in a ankle bandage and flip flops with better walking support.


It was somewhere in these travels I realized: I don’t think I’m doing this right. I have a foot (ankle) injury I could easily have claimed required at least a few days of stay home on the couch recuperation. I’m guessing it’s not one of those things you can claim is acting up again during a stretch of nice weather in mid-August. **sigh**


I truly am my own worst enemy.

One thought on “I Don’t Think I’m Doing This Right

  1. That’s what happens when you’re too conscientious. At least you did manage to get some knitting done in the process. But yeah, you could really have taken a few days off. Hope you get better soon!

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