On Earth Day when I outlined some of what I thought were practical for me ideas to reduce plastic waste, I ventured forth with great intentions. I was a little smug, full of my “look-how-good-I’m-doing-ness”. I was so sure I had this down.


I was wrong.


At first it went well: I carried my water bottle. I used my metal straw. I froze meat in silicone bags instead of Ziplock. But I started noticing things. It was hard to find places to refill my water bottle (it’s petite size didn’t help.) I was sticking my metal straw in a single use plastic cup with a plastic cover. I needed more (and larger) options to the silicone bags. I kept hearing this voice in my head: “are you REALLY doing enough?”


I’m not sure I am.


“We’re going to need a bigger water bottle”


Plastic pollution has become a huge issue for the world’s oceans. Single use plastic, the very convenient, very disposable kind is particularly problematic.


Today is World Ocean Day. It’s focus: preventing plastic pollution. I’m realistic to know I can’t cut out all plastic. I can however do much, much better. My goal for the summer: reduce my plastic usage 3:1. That is, for every three times I would normally use plastic, I will use an alternative. Especially challenging is that it’s summer. I’m traveling, eating out, and eating outside. So much plastic usage potential. But, if I can change my actions over the next three months, it may just become a habit.


Reusable cups for cold drinks.


Hopefully I can remember my grocery bags.


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