Three years ago today

On July the twenty-five

A black dog named Charlie

Came into my life.


A little ball of fur

Who occupied my time

I was certain at first

I was out of my mind.


Chaos ensued,

Where ever he went

On replacing destruction

My money was spent


Months went by;

We both found our way

“He’s a become a good dog”

I proudly would say.


And mostly he is

But I sometimes forget

That a 3 year old dog

Is still a puppy yet


Hopewell Rocks

I had the opportunity to visit Hopewell Rocks last week; I hadn’t been there since I was in my early teens. There’s a different appreciation to see them as an adult. They are world famous for a reason. So worth the trip to get there!  

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Dishcloth Confession

Confession time:   Until recently, I’d never successfully knit a dishcloth from the classic Grandma’s dishcloth pattern. I’d tried, but for reasons I’m not completely sure of, I just had a mental block about it. I went on to knit other successful projects. I became completely obsessed with the garterlac dishcloth. I loved the pattern…

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An Afternoon of Needle Felting

A few weeks ago I signed up for a needle felting class in Saint John. I’d never tried needle felting and an afternoon class seemed like a great way to give it a try. Even better (so I thought) the project was a cute whale; it seemed like a natural fit. However, after a week…

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Temperature Scarf at the Halfway Point

  June felt like a cold month as the green spattered throughout the month would indicated. I’m starting to feel like I left too much of a temperature range for each colour (some of the yellow felt colder than the scarf looks). Something to keep in mind if I ever do this again.   There’s…

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