A few weeks ago I signed up for a needle felting class in Saint John. I’d never tried needle felting and an afternoon class seemed like a great way to give it a try. Even better (so I thought) the project was a cute whale; it seemed like a natural fit. However, after a week of deal with “whale issues” I was seriously considering whether I wanted to spend several hours creating one.


Basically needle felting is the act of “stabbing” wool repeatedly with a small needle until it felts (like when you accidentally throw your wool sweater in the dryer). You form a basic shape to start then can manipulate the shape a bit more as you work. My end result:



I’m not sure it’s going to become my go-to craft, but it’s a fun alternative and a great stress relief. One of the best parts: the class included enough felt to make a second whale. I’m anxious to see if I remember the process enough to recreate a whale without supervision. I’m just waiting till I need a bit of anger therapy. 🙂



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