Confession time:


Until recently, I’d never successfully knit a dishcloth from the classic Grandma’s dishcloth pattern. I’d tried, but for reasons I’m not completely sure of, I just had a mental block about it. I went on to knit other successful projects. I became completely obsessed with the garterlac dishcloth. I loved the pattern and after knitting dozens and dozens, I had it memorized and usually had one traveling in my purse.


Still, it bothered my that I’d let the basic pattern beat me, so I decided a vacation goal was to finally knit the classic. A decade later, I can’t remember why I couldn’t do it back then. It was (surprisingly to me) easy.


I then became slightly obsessed with comparing how the same yarn looked so different in the two patterns:


My dishcloth obsession has shifted, for now at least.


Have you ever been stumped by a seemingly simple pattern?

3 replies on “Dishcloth Confession

  1. I love seeing how variegated yarns can turn out so different.
    Everyone claims crocheting is much easier…but I still have not mastered it.
    I am quite crafty, so it drives me crazy that I can’t conquer anything more than a chain stitch.
    One of my summer goals is to learn to crochet a dish cloth! Wish me well.

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