Three years ago today

On July the twenty-five

A black dog named Charlie

Came into my life.


A little ball of fur

Who occupied my time

I was certain at first

I was out of my mind.


Chaos ensued,

Where ever he went

On replacing destruction

My money was spent


Months went by;

We both found our way

“He’s a become a good dog”

I proudly would say.


And mostly he is

But I sometimes forget

That a 3 year old dog

Is still a puppy yet


When he finds a friend,

Non stop will they play

Without care or worry

For what’s in the way.


And that’s how it happened

One morning at church

I heard the clicking of dog nails,

And my heart gave a lurch


Through the open door,

And into full view

Came dogs so excited

Not one, but two.


Charlie and his cousin

Came to say hi

In the middle of service,

No one knows why.


Quickly we hustled

The two out the door

Why I wanted I dog

I wasn’t so sure.


It’s been a few weeks;

My temper has passed

When I look at that face

How could it last.


Happy Gotcha Day Charles,

We survived year three

Nothing seems to go smooth

When you are with me. 🙂




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