We need to talk. We’ve had this conversation before when you give me an empty coffee cup for “Roll Up The Rim” after I’ve asked for my coffee in a refillable cup. I still don’t believe that game cards are that big a stretch, but you know, your call.


The thing is, it’s now a thing. Reducing plastic usage IS the new black. Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone’s doing it. Except, well…


I know, you gladly take my refillable coffee mug, but it’s summer, and sometimes I’d like a cool drink in the afternoon. (Might I say, your salted caramel iced caps are a dream).


Last time I gave you my refillable cup, I noticed something: when you make them, you use a plastic cup and throw it out. It kind of defeats the purpose of me handing you my cup. I’m sure there’s some rational answer about logistics and machines, but the thing is…


Starbucks doesn’t.


Their Frappachinos are equally good and no plastic is disposed of during my afternoon indulgence.



I want to like you better. Your stores are more convenient where I live. I have a not so secret addiction to your birthday cake Timbits. You’re a quasi-Canadian company (owned by a multi-national conglomerate, but no one’s perfect).


Please step up your game. Trash your trash habits. It’s a win for everyone.


It’s time.

3 replies on “Dear Tim Hortons

  1. Did you see the Marketplace show a couple of years ago about Tim Horton’s recycling? They put specially marked cups in the ‘recycling’ container in the store. They later found them out in the garbage bins out back of the store.

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