While putting together the photo history of this little pair of socks, I realized their construction process was more eventful than normal, or at least as eventful as knitting during meetings, conference calls, and waiting time can be.



There was a long day when I did a meeting by conference call. I do not recommend this.

Followed by a not-so-fun meeting.

There was a minor mechanical issue on the ferry; 15 minutes feels like a long time at the end of the day when you’re sitting on the car deck.

I had a meeting on Valentine’s Day. I brought my own mug.

I went on vacation; quality airport/airplane knitting time.

There was some unexpected knitting time with my father’s unexpected stay in the hospital.

And as the end of the socks neared sooner than I thought, a mechanical/paperwork issue on a plane.

The socks then languished for months waiting to be finished.

Before they were finally ready for the Christmas gift box.

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