Here’s the thing: I knew when I started the Temperature Scarf I would struggle to finish. 365 days is a long time, and the novelty of the same project, one row a day, gets old at some point. The crazy temperature changes* through winter and spring kept things interesting through the early going, but then we hit summer. Knitting a scarf in summer takes some dedication in its own right (really, who wants to think about wearing a scarf when its 30 degrees** outside) but knitting a scarf that feels like an old project? It just didn’t happen.


By mid-August I realized I was completely off the rails for July. I settled into a hotel room one evening with great intentions. I finished July, started August, almost caught up, and vowed I would do better when I got home.


I didn’t.


So today I took my knitting bag and went out to enjoy the late afternoon late summer sun. It was shady on my chair by the time I finished but July and August are done.


Temperature scarf in yellow, orange, and red

I’m hoping as normal schedules resume in September, so will my desire to keep up with this project. If not that, the fact it’s 2/3 done will hopefully be the incentive to keep going.



*If I’m ever crazy enough to do this again, I need to rethink the temperature scale. More variance in warmer weather was needed.

**Celsius not Fahrenheit. At 30 degrees Fahrenheit you might want to think about a scarf.

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