One of the things on my crafting bucket list has been learning to crochet. To be fair, I could do a single crochet stitch. I crocheted a bit in high school; I remember making strips that you joined together to make a blanket. Everyone was doing it* so I joined it. I expect the unfinished project is in my parent’s attic somewhere. All that to say, I had the basic concept but beyond that I was lost.


Earlier this summer a neighbour asked on Facebook if anyone was interested in crochet lessons. I jumped at the chance and was ridiculously proud of my first project: a sample dishcloth.


It’s really uneven, I’m pretty sure I added and dropped stitches along the way, but I like to pretend it’s a square.


I attempted a log cabin dishcloth, but the different yarn combined with my inability to turn clockwise (I have no idea why) frustrated me and I put it up. I may try this again at some point. (I also have an obsession with log cabin patterns lately).

I confessed that I really wanted to learn to make granny squares. I have this crazy idea that I could use up my leftover worsted yarn into granny squares to make an afghan. One attempt at the world’s ugliest granny square dishcloth (I really needed a solid yarn but variegated was all I had in my bag) and I was hooked. (Pun intended)




I started playing with colours and sizes; variegated and solids. My tension changed partway through and some were unravelled. Meanwhile, as the pile of finished squares started getting taller, I kept wondering in my head how the actual joining was going to go. Many a project of mine has languished waiting for the sewing up to be finished. This Labour Day weekend, I turned to Google to find a joining method that I might not walk away from. As you would expect, there are any number of options, but I landed on Carina’s Craftblog Granny Square Joining Tutorial. It looks like a granny square border on the squares. It was slightly confusing at first but really fun and easy once I got going. I love the way it turned out!


That’s right: I crocheted a granny square blanket! Granted, it’s oblong (the most uniform squares that size I had) and a little wonky-shaped but it’s still a blanket. I’m making the square a round smaller now but it’s good to know I can actually successfully join them when the time comes.


A little part of me knows I need to try some other projects. My ability to read crochet instructions is pretty limited and completely warped by knitting. I read “dc” as “decrease” instead of “double crochet” everytime. (They’re very different.) The only way that’s going to get better is practice.


But I really like granny squares. I have lots of worsted yarn, scrap and not-so-scrap so I see lots of afghans (or at least partial afghans) in my future. As for other crochet projects…maybe next summer. 🙂


*Apparently my high school peer pressure was crafting. I think that speaks volumes about my level of coolness then and now.

4 replies on “Learning to Crochet

  1. You don’t even know how happy this post made me, Bonnie!
    My attempt at crocheted dishcloth is somewhere in the bottom of my “ferry bag”.
    Thank you for the motivation…I will dig it out again the week!

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