It’s been four years since I wrote this post. The story of Gander has since been immortalized on Broadway in “Come From Away”. I flew from the Gander airport two summers ago. It’s impossible to not think of September 11 when you are there.

As I head out for the airport today (booking a flight on Tuesday, September 11 did give me pause) it’s important to look back and remember while moving forward in honour of those whose lives were forever changed on this day.

Windy Wonderings

Every year I try to watch some coverage or retrospective of the events of September 11. It’s impossible to not remember the sadness, confusion, horror and fear from that day. I’ve been watching the replay of the “Today Show” from that morning. I was at work that day had only watched “hi lights” on the news.  It is surreal and horrifying to watch in real time as the time on the bottom of the screen inches forward and know what is coming.

In Canada the events spawned a different news story: that of dozens of passenger jets that were diverted from their destinations in the US to airports in our country after US airspace was closed. The goal was to safely land the planes as quickly as possible so while many went to larger airports, many others went to smaller communities that would rarely see a large passenger jet, let alone…

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