I love the look of knitted toys. They’re cute and cuddly (especially with a squishy yarn). Everyone loves a stuffed animal. They do tend to have one major drawback in my eyes though: all the fiddly little ends to sew in.


I tried a couple of projects that were categorized as “seamless” but that didn’t necessarily mean no sewing. Then I stumbled across the Bonbon Bunny Pattern. It truly is seamless in that you knit all the parts, leave the stitches live on stitch holders, then join them together as you knit up the body.



I always find the little body parts (that’s a weird phrase) a little tedious to knit, but watching the bunny come to life as the pieces are joined was a bit magical. Add some safety eyes on the way and voila: a cute finished toy.


This is one of those patterns I can imagine knitting again and again. I loved the results and he was very soft and cuddly. My nephew asked for a giraffe to keep his monkey company. Maybe I can talk him into a bunny…




Pattern: Bonbon

Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! in”Paris in June”

Needles: Knitter’s Pride Zing US 5/ 3.75 mm

5 replies on “Aunt Bon’s Bonbon

  1. Aawww, it is so cute! I hear you on all the sewing required for knitted toys, what a great idea to join all the parts as you go along. There is another toy pattern that requires little sewing, but on a quite different scale: Opus the Octopus.

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