There’s a lot of travel with my job in the fall. This year particularly there seems to be more extended stay trips. Overnight trips are a bit easier; a change of clothes and you’re done. I’m currently beginning a four night trip and besides the complication of trying to decide what I think I’m going to want to wear three days from now, I was conscious I was packing of those “extras”: the things I take on longer trips for a bit of added comfort away from home.


1. Comfy loungewear. leggins and tunicAt some point during the trip, I’m going to need to leave the room for ice or the vending machine after I’ve ditched the dress up clothes. I’ve met people I know while making a run for it in the hotel bathrobe or some other random ensemble. It’s not a look I long to repeat.

2. Slip on footwear. blue flip flopsSame rationale as above. Those outfits are only made better with the additional of heels. So, so bad.


3. My favourite drink.

San Pellegrino LimonataI don’t drink much pop and this is my go to substitute. It’s rare to find it in hotel vending machines or snack areas so I bring some of my own with me.


4. Lotion

Johnson's Bedtime Baby Lotion

I usually just use whatever’s in the room, but the air in cities in general and hotels in particular is so dry I can more than drain one of those little bottles. I need to the industrial strength size after a couple of days.


5. Cold supplies

Vicks VapoRubThis time of year I’m always fighting a cold. Between hotel air and the plethora of viruses everyone is carrying it’s only a matter of time until I’m seriously sick. It’s good to be prepared.


6. Extra Yarn

Yarn Knit Picks Felivi blue stripeI know I never have as much knitting time as I think I will, but there’s always the chance this will be that one time… (I do have a trip within a trip, so this really could be that time!)


I’m wondering what your go-to travel extras are?

4 replies on “My 6 Travel Must Haves

  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I see your on the road again. Every time I say that ,I’m signing the theme song from littlest hobo. Lol.

    I’m just wondering who from the Eastern Shore is sitting in on the whale talk? I didn’t contact anyone last week because we are having our Industry working group meeting today on the MPA. We were busy preparing yesterday.

    I’m interested in what is being said and hopefully there will be minutes available to share, or some sort of briefing.

    Have a great day and happy knitting. Lori

    Lori Baker Eastern Shore Fisherman’s Protective Association ✉️ 📞 902-889-3185


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  2. I don’t travel enough any more, to identify my essentials. But … technology would certainly be one … no several.

    My favorite pair of slippers …

    My pills … I hate to admit that. It is a growing collection.

    A hat … normally a fedora or a flat cap.

    That about does it, … I think?


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