Confession: I lose track of things, even things I knit. What’s worse is when I lose track of not-quite-completed knits. I have this vague concept that they’re out there somewhere, languishing in the bottom of a bag only a few (or many) rows or hours from completion. This doesn’t include projects with ends that need to be woven in; those sit on a corner of my coffee table taunting me until I break down.


All that to say I’ve had this niggling feeling that I was missing a pair of socks I knit for myself. I knew I hadn’t finished them, but I wasn’t sure how unfinished they were. Or where they were for that matter.


Scrolling through the way, way back in my Instagram, I see them start to come to life:




(Matching my knitting is apparently a big deal for me).



I hit the road for a meeting:





They disappear from my timeline for a while, then return for the fall.






(Again with the matching)






That’s the last time they showed up in my Instagram feed. And that’s pretty much what they looked like when I found them yesterday. I’m guessing I got caught up in Christmas knitting, assumed I’d finish them after the holidays, and just didn’t. Yesterday while I washing my wool socks and lamenting how thin the bottoms on a couple of pair are getting I decided to go looking. A quick finish of the toe and sewing in the ends (just that pair; the leaning tower of handknits is still precariously balanced) and Merry Christmas to me:


hand knit striped socks in pink, blue, and green


hand knit striped socks in pink, blue, and green


Why was I so sure I had these socks out there besides the hours and hours of knitting? They’re in one of my favourite sock yarns, the discontinued Nashua Handknits Best Foot Forward.



Now to figure out what I did with that other ball of yarn… 🙂


7 replies on “Lost and Found

  1. I’m sure that the case is understated rather than exaggerated Bonnie. Someone with the passion that you have for knitting would always have several projects on the go. And new inspiration would add to the list. I have something similar with video … so much I want to learn and to do. You do great work. I imagine it is therapy for you by times. Keep it up. 😎

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  2. This was such a lovely and funny article, and I love the pictures! You made this into a hilarious and charming story I could really relate to, and your socks are fabulous! What a great job you did; enjoy the cosy smooshiness!

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  3. Excellent, love the timeline! I don’t generally lose projects, but I have the nasty habit of loosing track of needles. Sometimes they just seem to reappear, always when I’m not looking for them. When I do, I never find them. These socks look great, funny how the colors change with the light.

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