I relearned to crochet with summer and quickly developed an obsession with granny squares. I was quite content mixing up colours and using up my scrap yarn until I was distracted by a post from my Facebook timeline.



I like many knitting related pages and occasionally a crochet post will creep in among them. One such post was a link to these cute crochet stars. Sure they were beyond my nouveau skill set I nonetheless clicked on the link. I recognized the abbreviations but the phrase “magic loop” was slightly terrifying. I’d tried it in the summer, hopelessly tangled my yarn, and after several failed attempts, returned to my comfortable granny squares. A couple of google searches later, and I had successfully completed my first magic loop.


Like the granny square, these stars were addictive. I made dozens. I attached them to Christmas gifts. I included them in Christmas cards. I drew the line when my mother suggested she’d like enough for a little tree (maybe next year).


As an added bonus, I’ve been working on my blocking skills. They start out quite curly but blocking works miracles.


I see many a starry night in my future. 🙂

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