One week before Christmas I cast on my last pair of socks for the holiday. They were for my youngest nephew who’s 5 so at least I wasn’t attempting an adult pair. Like everyone, I still had my regular life and holiday events to participate in, so I came up with a strategy to maximize my chances for success.


One pair for home; one for the road. Most of my socks are knit not-on-my-couch, but it was going to take all of my focus to hit the Christmas deadline.


Fortunately, there was a conference call:


And the Survivor finale:


And Sunday brunch:


I remember knitting at a Christmas party (I struggled to find good light to pick up the heel stitches) but apparently there’s no photographic evidence of that. In the end it all paid off and the socks were finished.


Just in time to be wrapped late on the 23rd with the rest of the boys’ gifts. Next year, it’s the girls’ turn.



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