The thing about winter is you can never have too many hats. I suppose in theory you can (I mean, one head and all) but I when everything is grey and white it’s nice to have a little variety.




We also have a lot of winter birthdays in our family, so hats and mitts are a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to gift giving. My sister falls into that category. She wears hats a lot and with kids in hockey, they are practically a wardrobe necessity. I love slouchy hats but they still need to fit around the brim especially during those windy days.


girl in knit purple hat with black pompom in snow storm


The pattern is Koko Bean Hat, but I cast on 92 instead of 100 stitches. The pattern is very adaptable to fewer stitches without the crown decreases looking wonky or a lot of necessary calculations so it doesn’t. I also inadvertently only did two instead of three pattern repeats. It’s not quite as slouchy and looks a bit more like a traditional toque. The yarn is madelintosh Tosh Merino which knits up so soft and with great stitch definition.




PS – Thanks to my niece for modeling on a snowy day. 🙂

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