1. I love digital keys and checking in on your phone. It’s very helpful when you look like you need a pack mule to get all your “stuff” up to the hotel room. Rearranging the precarious load to collect your room key is challenging to say the least.
  2. I never learned to use chopsticks. I feel at this point in my life I probably won’t. I compensate by using them as a spear. This works less well with salad.
  3. CHCH has great old reruns on. I need to figure out why I don’t watch them at home.
  4. I don’t understand how to eat tail on shrimp in a dish with sauce. I end up using my fingers and feel like I’m five.
  5. When staying in the same hotel as the meeting I have an overwhelming urge to go to the meeting in my socks because I don’t need shoes because I’m not going outside. I’ve managed so far to quell the urge.
  6. I do go to the complementary breakfast in my socks.
  7. At those breakfasts, grapefruit should not masquerade as watermelon. They are very different.
  8. Regulating temperature in hotel rooms shouldn’t be as challenging as I find it.
  9. Meetings are better with knitting analogies. “We need to stay focussed on the knitting” is a cliche I can get behind.
  10. The power flickered just before I got in the elevator. Trapped in an elevator is one of my fears. I found the stairs.

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