I’ve been working away on Granny Squares for the past several months mixing and matching colour combinations. Ever since I discovered I can crochet, they’ve been a bit of an obsession, but in a good way (or so I tell myself). I’ve been concentrating on using up leftover super wash worsted weight from hat and mitten projects. Then I hit a wall: I kept choosing the same yarns to use together over and over. Trying to mix things up, I left my bag of yarn to my mother and got her to choose combinations that she liked. She snapped picture with her phone and I airdropped them to mine. The result:



Thanks Mum for your help! Next up: My niece’s contributions to colours mixing.

One thought on “Colour Combinations

  1. Speechless. I want to say something complimentary and encouraging. I have a very limited knitting vocabulary and zero understanding of yarn and crocheting. I am way over my head. I’m thinking “pretty”. It’s pretty. Keep up the pretty work Bonnie. I appreciate you.

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