For any non-knitter, let me let you in on a pretty common sentiment among knitters: knitting with dark yarn isn’t always the most fun knitting. The knitting is fine, as long as you’re not trying to follow your stitches closely to follow the pattern. Something like knit two, purl two is an excellent choice for mindless knitting in dark yarn. Except…



Sometimes you can screw up even the simplest knitting. While my first instinct may have been to throw it in a corner with a match on top of it. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I am tougher than my knitting. I cursed the dark yarn and my aging eyesight that struggles with it particularly after dark and set to work.




A little time and really very limited cursing and voila:




Good as new!


Except that as I was knitting again I felt (not saw) something:



The knitting won.  I’m getting a match.


3 replies on “The Knitting Won

  1. We’ve all been there at some point. I’m in process of doing the mattress stitch finishing for a blanket with dark grey edges, I know exactly what you mean. Yeah, sometimes the knitting wins.


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