Planning for the week ahead is all about priorities. Some people think carefully about their meals and prep ahead for the upcoming week. Me, I looked at my travel knitting and said, “I’ve got to turn that heel.”


My love of socks as a travel/work knitting project is incomparable; the rows and rows of knitting the perfect project to occupy the hands without occupying the mind. The exceptions: the heels and the toes. These require some concentration and I only attempt them in quiet moments with limited distractions.


Knowing that there would likely be an opportunity for knitting in a meeting this week, I settled in to finish the heel on this sock.




A couple of rounds into the instep, and it’s ready for the week ahead. Bring on the the meetings!


One thought on “Sunday Night Heel Prep

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but there was a lady who started coming to the Fredericton church that I pastored. She called herself an atheist but was there every week. And she used to knit through the entire service. After a while she stopped identifying as an atheist but she never stopped knitting. So … if you ever decide to knit through church … well … that will be just fine with me.

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