Last year I discovered a series of patterns for toys that you literally knit together as you go thereby eliminating on of my pet peeves: sewing it up and sewing in the ends. This is truly a concept I can get behind. I assumed when I settled in to knit this year’s toy I’d be good to go. Clearly I was underestimating my ability to screw up.


The thing about patterns is they are very much like clues on The Amazing Race: you need to read them very carefully. Careful reading can be the difference between successfully completing a challenge and successfully completing a knit. They contain very important nuggets like this:

Even though it’s one line, it should equal 20 rows of knitting. Let’s just say no octopus 🐙 should have a body that short.



Despite my inability to read, it was another easy knit. I seriously questioned my sanity around leg number 3, but I love how quickly it felt like it knit up once I started the body.



The end result, a very cute little eight legged friend (much better than a spider by the way)



Pattern: Dandy Sir Cephalopod

Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma Worsted (from my stash for the win)

Rating: 🧶 🧶 🧶 🧶 🧶



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