I’ve been struggling for a few years with how I keep and manage my to-do list. I’ve tried reminders on my iPhone and other electronic apps but they didn’t seem to work for me the way I needed them to. Mostly I ended up to resorting to my most faithful organizational system – the post-it note.


Then over the summer I found my calendar from my Grade 12 year. It was full of those all important reminders: college applications, tests, exams, assignments, and trips. There were even a few notes from friends with helpful reminders that made me laugh now. That trip down memory lane made me ask why I’m not still using a calendar. I used one faithfully when I started working, but as my job changed (more longer term projects that were harder to check off a list) it fell by the wayside.


I looked at the popular Happy Planners, but it just didn’t feel right for me. What did feel right was my old, worn green planner. It’s a leather Filofax I bought in a now defunct luggage store in Saint John. The pieces were timeless but pricey and I spent way too much money on it at the time. It’s been well used though, the leather is scarred in places and worn thin in others. It’s proven to be the “investment piece” I told myself it would be.

I tried out different insert pages but ended up going with the classic Filofax page per day.

The side border on this to do list triggered a bit of a Washi tape obsession (only the narrow will work without covering part of the page). I love the fish tape I found on line.


And because there’s a little kid in me that still loves the thought of stickers, I’ve purchased stickers for my planner. I found these stickers on Etsy that I’m loving.


(Yes I’m starting yoga next week. It’s highly possible I’ll end up in traction.)

9 replies on “The Time I Started Using My Planner

  1. I understand that quandary. I went from Day Timer products that I used for 25 years or so, to a Palm Pilot, the first PDA that I remember, to my first smart phone, a BlackBerry. Currently I use my iPhone and computer. I made myself leave the paper behind me and the digital move was the best one for me … still not perfect. I have found that whatever system I use, there is one persistent problem. Yep … me. 😳


  2. This is kinda freaky. . . Oz has not used a day planner for almost 10 years (prior to that he wouldn’t be caught dead without one and it proved incredibly valuable in a court case one time) . . . I bought him one for Christmas and said “it’s time to go back to the old-school way” of keeping organized – it was a bit of selfish gift for me as it was becoming painful trying to get him to update me on his schedules . . . . Maybe you two are more alike than you care to admit? 😉


    1. LOL – I don’t know what’s scarier, Osborne and I being alike or the fact I can see him hauling his calendar out of his pocket in meetings. 🙂


  3. I was pretty excited to start my new Happy Planner today! It has a slightly different layout than last years version, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. SJ Dollarama surprised me with $3 Washi Tape tubes! Wow!
    My aunt gives me a hard time over my planner obsession, and cost investment, but I figure if it’s something I use every single day of life, it’s worth the little bit of $. It’s a bonus when stickers and coloured gel pens are on sale!!
    My electronic calendar has some perks, but it’s just not as pretty. The past two weeks I have been intrigued by downloadable, pretty, calendar programs that have popped up in my Facebook feed. Not so intrigued with the cost yet. Maybe next year. Like novels, though, there is something about the feel of real paper in your hands, and the creative challenge to personalize. I’m not ready to go all digital just yet.


    1. The struggle is real Bonnie. As much as we exist in an electronic world and society hints at foo fooing the old fashioned paper version of scheduling, there seems to be a number of old fashion ways that just work. Your Filofax is a classic with the stickers and tape adding that new age feel.


      1. The colour from the stickers and tape make it a bit more fun to use. I still remember things better by writing than typing, which is probably a good thing with a to-do list.


    2. I’m trying to control my Washi tape spending but trying to find the narrow width that works can be a challenge so when I find it I tend to “invest”. I’m sensing a trip to Dollarama in my future though!

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